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Frequently asked questions

20 minutes twice a day to practice TM seems like a lot. How will I find the time?

Think of it as taking a vacation two times per day.

People who learn TM usually have a long term goal in mind like managing stress, or improving happiness, intelligence or self-confidence. TM practice usually has strong short term benefits as well, however. It is enjoyable to do and people immediately feel the effect, and that creates a far stronger motivation to take those 20 minutes twice a day.

For example, waking up half an hour earlier to do the morning TM practice sounds difficult, and it does require some discipline in the first few days, but after a while most people notice that their sleep improves, (stress is the number one disturbing factor for sleep quality) and they actually need less sleep, so then waking up a bit earlier is not quite as hard as it seems.

Next people are wondering how they will find time in the evening, after a busy day of work, only to discover that those 20 minutes become the moment of the day they most look forward to. TM practice is usually a very enjoyable experience and it’s far easier to make time for something that’s enjoyable. On top most people find that it is kind of like recharging your batteries, something that is highly appreciated at the end of a busy work day. The time that is invested in TM practice usually comes back immediately that same evening, simply because people have more energy to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Other Frequently asked questions:

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Can really anyone learn to transcend? Other meditation techniques that I tried weren’t very successful. Will TM work for me?

If this technique really has such good effects, and the TM organisation claims to be a non-profit organisation, then why don’t you give it away for free?


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