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Frequently asked questions

Does learning TM require a change in lifestyle?

No. None whatsoever.

Transcendental Meditation is a practical technique, that people use to reduce their stress, improve their health and wellbeing, improve their intelligence and relationships. It is not a lifestyle and does not require any kind of beliefs. Over 6 million people from all religions and all cultures are practicing TM and usually finds it brings them closer tot heir own culture, closer to who they really are.

People who want to learn TM are requested to not take any kind of soft or hard drugs for a period of 2 weeks before learning. From over 40 years of experience in teaching TM we learned that soft or hard drugs disrupt the normal functioning of the brain and as a result the experiences of transcending will not be as clear, but after 2 weeks the brain has normalized again. Other than that there are no requirements to make any kind of change in lifestyle whatsoever.

That doesn’t mean that people’s lifestyle won’t change. A lot of people who learn TM stop smoking and will start to drink less, for example. But happens naturally, not because it’s required in any way. Usually when people become more themselves as a result of transcending their bodies will send clearer signals and they spontaneously start to feel that maybe their old habbits aren’t as healthy…It doesn’t feel as good anymore.

Other Frequently asked questions:

Can really anyone learn to transcend? Other meditation techniques that I tried weren’t very successful. Will TM work for me?

If this technique really has such good effects, and the TM organisation claims to be a non-profit organisation, then why don’t you give it away for free?

20 minutes twice a day to practice TM seems like a lot. How will I find the time?


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