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Frequently asked questions

Can really anyone learn to transcend? Other meditation techniques that I tried weren’t very successful. Will TM work for me?

Yes, it will work. Yes, anyone can learn.

The experience of transcending is an experience where the mind is at the same time completely silent and fully alert, an experience that was described by the ancient texts, (and confirmed by modern research) as the highest human experience, essential for our full human development (as explained in more detail on this site). But reaching that state seems difficult. Have you ever tried to quieten the mind? It seems impossible. The more we try to make the mind quiet, the more we actually keep it active.

That’s where things went wrong. People started to wrongly interpret meditation as a form of trying. We try to control the mind, forcing it to be quiet, usually through some form of concentration which had exactly the opposite effect. It only kept the mind active. And then they were surprised it doesn’t work, and the promised effects from meditation don’t materialize.

The message from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was that true meditation will bring the mind to the state of transcending in a completely natural and effortless manner. The experience of pure silence is like an experience of coming home for the mind. It is the most enjoyable experience the mind can have, and it wants nothing more than to go there.

This is why Transcendental Meditation works with everyone. There are 7 billion people, with different beliefs, cultures, lifestyles, but there is one thing that each and everyone has in common: the search for happiness, for something enjoyable.

The Transcendental Meditation technique uses an ancient formula whereby we make use of this one universal desire to allow the mind to naturally go to the state of pure inner silence. No matter how busy your mind is, even if you never ever managed to bring it to silence, if the technique is taught correctly then you will experience this silence from the first few sittings.

This is what makes the TM technique scientific. It works like gravity. Gravity works independent of whether you believe in it or not, independent of your culture or your intellectual abilities. Transcending is like gravity for the mind, and, given the chance, the mind will naturally be drawn there.

ahaA beautiful example of the fact that it works for everyone is a recent publication of the American Heart Association (AHA) relating to the effect of different meditation techniques on blood pressure. The AHA looked at 40 years of research with different meditation techniques and found that with all other techniques (including mindfulness and Yoga) the results were inconsistent. People who believed in it and where good at meditation had modest positive results, with others there was no improvement whatsoever. TM was the only technique that showed consistent positive results accross 40 years of research, and as such it is now the only technique that the American Heart Association recommends.

The same trends have been seen on any comparative research that has ever been done. when results from many different individual researches are averaged, the effect from TM is 2 to 5 times bigger than what has been seen with other techniques. Whether it is for anxiety, addictions, self-actualisation, brain development or anything else ever researched TM seems to be the only technique that can show consistent significant improvements, with anyone who learns the technique

Other Frequently asked questions:

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If this technique really has such good effects, and the TM organisation claims to be a non-profit organisation, then why don’t you give it away for free?

20 minutes twice a day to practice TM seems like a lot. How will I find the time?

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